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About Barber Builders Training Academy

Welcome to Barber Builders Training Academy, where our primary mission is to deliver top-tier barber education to aspiring professionals looking to thrive in the industry. Our team of seasoned instructors is driven by a deep passion for imparting the most current techniques and industry insights to empower our students for success. Explore our extensive curriculum, which encompasses a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from fundamental haircuts to cutting-edge styling methods.

Our Licensed Programs

We offer vocational training with comprehensive career-oriented programs for hair-cutting and styling, professional images, and customer service.  Our purpose is to champion the idea that skilled trades are a viable and lucrative alternative to the to the narrative that a college degree is the only path to success.  Call today (214) 893-1684 for financing options!


  • 16 years or older

  • 7th Grade or higher to enroll

  • High school diploma or GED to obtain certification

  • Submit School Questionnaire

Class A

1000 Hour Course

Cosmo to Barber Crossover

300 Hour Course

Quality Work

We extend our services to the community with affordable haircuts priced at just $8.

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